Thursday, October 27, 2011

Silicone Band Watches are Recommended by Health Professionals

Silicone Watches, made popular by Sandra Bullock, have received a lot of press in the fashion jewelry world over the last year, touting their low prices, wonderful colors, and lightweight, comfortable fit, as great selling points. However, one of the least mentioned reports – and most important – is the health benefits from wearing silicone based wrist watches.

Silicone watches are made from silicone, a resilient, rubber-like material which is also used in popular, kitchen utensils and cookware, as well as hundreds and hundreds of other uses. Silicone watches are light-weight, flexible, hypo-allergenic and can withstand high temperatures, making them the preferred watch in the health and medical industry. Unlike typical wrist watches, silicone watches reduce bacteria that are commonly associated with metal, cloth and plastic watches.

Silicone watches are comfortablesince they are lightweight and it do not irritate the skin. And, since they are available in so many styles and colors, and due to their low cost, these items have become the perfect accessory!