Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pennies make cute jewelry.

Our newest items at The Trendy Boutique are cut out pennies.  You can wear them as jewelry, carry in your purse or give as gifts or party favors.

To make a necklace, add a string.

To make a bracelet, add nylon loops.

These adorable coins are affordable and fun!  Just $3.00 each and we will include nylon cords for bracelets.  Check them out here -

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Fall is my favorite season, hands down.  I love the weather, the holidays and the start of school and football season!  Here in Georgia, the weather tends to stay hot through most of September, so I consider October 1st to be the official start of Fall. 

There are two things I don't like about Fall.  I don't care at all for Halloween, just never have in my adult life, although I liked it as a child.  I don't really have a great reason, just don't get excited about it.  The other is my oldest daughter going back to college, but I know she is in a happy place and we get to visit often enough.

Fall is also when we get to participate in gift shows with the boutique and meet lots of great people.  We'll be setting up many weekends between October 1st and early December.  Lots to do to get ready!

If you can't find us locally, check out our great items at The Trendy Boutique for gift giving season.  And here's a gift for you - coupon code TRENDYBLOG for 10% off total purchase!

Happy Fall!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Double Baptism

Both of my girls were baptized this year - Krista in February and Shannon in August.  We go to a mega-church where this is a really big deal because you do a video testimony on the big screen in front of thousands live plus all those watching on-line worldwide.  The baptismal pool is up high so you're very much on display.  Although we had them both baptized as babies, we are so proud of our girls for coming to the decision to do this on their own.

I got them each a gift from my boutique for the occasion.  Since they both love to wear necklaces, a cross seemed appropriate.  Each has her own style so the necklaces are quite different.

Shannon likes to wear trendy unique jewelry and enjoys words expressing her faith. So I chose a hand-stamped open circle with "Faith, Family, Friends" inscribed with a petite cross charm in the middle.  She adores the necklace and wears it often.

Krista is younger and still likes "sparkly" things so I chose a cubic zirconia cross for her.  She loves the necklace and wears it to dress up.

The Holy Trinity bracelet and Life of Christ bracelet are also hugely popular baptism or confirmation gifts.

Click here to see all our hand-stamped jewelry.