Thursday, July 7, 2011


I am now on Pinterest after receiving recommendations from several people.  I hear it is very addicting, we'll see.  So far I am pinning only things from my boutique, but I will soon be out exploring boards and beginning the "re-pinning" process.  I don't really need something else to get addicted to that takes up more of my time, but at least I don't have an iphone and play Words with Friends or Angry Birds all day!

If you are on Pinterest and would like to follow me at "julies527", I will follow back and check out your boards.

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  1. Visiting from SP. Lovely blog. I'm your newest follower.

  2. Hello great blog! I'm following from the SP too. :)

  3. Pinterest...I know I've heard of that before but never really looked into it until now...looks kewl :D Following you - can't wait to read more!

    I really like your blog - I'm trying to get mine off the ground and was wondering if you could come check it out and consider following.

    Hope you have an *amazing* day! :)


  4. Pinterest is very addictive. I now have to limit the amount of time I spend on there browsing. I am a new fan from the hop.

  5. Hi! I have visited you on FB and have ordered a beautiful watch from you. I did not realize you had a blog too! I'm here via Social Parade Friday Hop! Please check out my new blog :)

  6. Hi! I found you through Smart and Trendy Moms blog hop! Cute blog! I am your newest follower! I would love it if you would follow me back! Thanks!

  7. Hello! I'm hopping over to follow you. Come follow me too?

  8. Love your boutique items! I would love to post some of these lovely and unique pieces on my blog! Let me know if that would be o'kay. Of course, all links would go directly to your store!
    style decor 1 at gmail dot com